• The project CLIPFIELD funded by the Austrian Climate Research Program successfully kicked off in October 2020. The project investigates Climate Loss and Damage (L&D) which is subject to an ongoing dispute within the climate negotiations. The negotiators’ key positions diverge between establishing  liability and compensation for residual climate damages on the one hand, and Annex I-country support for insurance solutions on the other. We explore the potential for public support in Austria for different L&D funding regimes via a large-scale Choice Experiment. Via the use of two lab experiments, we also investigate if information avoidance might negatively affect public support for L&D in Austria.
  • The paper When do people exploit moral wiggle room? An experimental analysis in a market setup, with Katharina Momsen, has been accepted in Ecological Economics.

Markus is part of the project consortium for the project CLimate response of AlpIne lakes: resistance variability and Management consequences for Ecosystem Services (CLAIMES). The next project meeting is November 12.